Did you know that the origin and cradle of the Olympic Games dates back to ancient Greece?

The name comes from the city where this event was born, "Olympia". Today you can visit the archaeological remains, located in a small valley of the Peloponnese, you can walk through the Gymnasium, the arena (and yes, that's where the famous expression comes from, because it was the place where they trained), the home of the priests, the workshop of Phidias, the temple of Era and the Stadium.

The games were highly regulated, and the winners were recognized for their great deeds by receiving an olive wreath. For this reason they were considered true heroes. From their beginnings they reached a great dimension, reaching our days and being a source of inspiration for art and literature.

The modalities in which they participated were: running, throwing, jumping, combat and horse riding. The first edition dates back to 884 or 776 BC, and the games were held every 4 years, or an Olympiad.

Originally, only free men could be declared winners, starting their training at age 12, with the exception of equestrian events, in which powerful women could compete as stable owners.

It is worth noting that during its development, periods of peace were established, agreeing a sacred truce, and that cultural competitions were organised around them.

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