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Giving back to society what it gives us, our our lifestyle.

Change starts with the first pedal stroke.

Promotion, encouragement, dissemination and development of grassroots sport on two wheels (cycling, MTB, BMX and triathlon).

With the GAC project we chase the following goals:

    • Achieving a social and educational transformation related to the attributes of cycling and sports practice, as a generator of healthy habits.
    • Developing equality, social and labour inclusion programmes.
    • Being a benchmark for high-performance athletes, starting from the bottom
    • Supporting grassroots sport through sports schools
    • Materialising our social commitment and involvement in the development, promotion and improvement of cycling conditions for schoolchildren, groups at risk of social exclusion and people with special needs.



    • Sporting competitions
    • Joining events
    • Sports team building
    • Active cycle tourism
    • Social and educational programs
    • Communication campaigns

This project is being developed at national level and is open to all companies and organisations that wish to participate as sponsors or collaborators. If you are one of them, call us or send us an email, we listen.

We will inform you about the tax benefits and exemptions for participating in our social action projects.