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Let's wake up the rural world

Since the mid-20th century, a large part of the rural areas have been progressively losing population, affected by economic and structural policies that have facilitated territorial imbalance and the concentration of inhabitants in large cities and certain geographical areas. Consequently, these territories have not only been affected in number, but also in services, infrastructure and opportunities.

There is a need to empower the inhabitants, particularly young people, to promote new businesses and resources that generate jobs and establish population on the ground.

➢ 75% of the country's surface is uninhabited.

➢ Of the 8,131 municipalities with less than 10,000 inhabitants in our country, 60% (almost 5,000) have less than 1,000 and 16% (about 1,300) have less than 100.

➢ The 1,300 municipalities with less than 100 inhabitants are unlikely to withstand the onslaught of depopulation, leaving villages and countryside abandoned.

➢ 85% of the population lives in a big city: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville...

➢ The demographic challenge and depopulation also affect small cities

With the projects, developed in rural areas, Movidep pursues the following goals:

  • Promote the practice of sports and physical activity as a means of preserving and improving the general health of the individual
  • Develop, promote, integrate and unite sports schools for the promotion of grassroots and competitive sport.
  • Promote and organize competitive and non-competitive sporting events
  • Develop and create cycle tourism destinations that complement tourism activity.
  • Providing training and educational actions
  • Offering services that support the achievement of the foundational goals
  • Approaching new technologies to the population
  • Providing work spaces


⇒Café - Boutique Space

Movidep develops part of its programmes in the Boutique Space cafés. A spot to enjoy the local cuisine, making a stop along the way, going sightseeing, receiving training, work, participating in guided activities, and collaborating in keeping our villages alive.

⇒Digital Space

Coworking space ∞ Training-oriented digital development centre ∞ Technology and experience facilitators ∞ Integration of new technologies, the rural environment, tourism and physical activity.

⇒Cycletourism and development

Promotion of the destination and its virtues ∞ Rental ∞ Promotion of the destination on specialized channels ∞ Guided activities ∞ Concentrations of professional teams

⇒Training Space

Workshop school ∞ specialised mechanical training ∞ Educational activities

⇒Meeting Space

Movidep's activities are aimed at establishing synergies, teamwork and continuous improvement. For this reason, collaboration with entities, associations and organizations, volunteer work, are essential in our projects.

The actions developed by MOVIDEP aim to be cross-cutting and seek to achieve the goals and objectives of sustainable development.

Social, environmental, heritage, cultural and economic sustainability

If this pandemic has taught us anything, is the need to cling to our roots, to nature, to sport and to pursue a healthier lifestyle.

No doubt, this is also your life project.

You're invited. Join in.